To a Spring ATV trips

To a Spring ATV trips

Route description:

First of all, the route is designed for people who have never dealt with ATVs and who want to get skills and methods of riding this vehicle at shortest time.

An ATV adventure tour starts from a base located in the area of Lesnaya ski base, goes along the Health route and leads to a picturesque spring. At first, the group will go along an old tank road, and then turn to a forest road having got into silence and calmness of birch forest. The goal of the trip is a beauty spot: A small lawn with springs of crystal clear water in its center. The water is extraordinary tasty and healthy. A stop for a picnic will be done here. The participants will take a short rest and get their strength for a trip back. The trip back goes by a picturesque forest lake. A stop will be there too. During the tour the participants can enjoy picturesque sceneries of Kamchatkan forest and have the refreshment from city fuss.

Duration: 2-3 hours


Small machine (150cc) – 2,200 rubles;

Big machine (500cc) 3,300/4,000 rubles.

Price includes:
ATV rental plus insurance
Guide-instructor's services
Outfit (helmet plus raincoat)

It is recommended to take with you:
Comfortable windproof outfit
Photo and video cameras
Mosquito repellents
Clothes and shoes to change

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