Heli-Hiking trip

Heli-Hiking trip

Heli-Hiking trip

Tour description: The flights are done by Mi-8P (passenger variant), and Mi-8T (transport variant, cargo-and-passenger) helicopters.

Tourists in a group minimum – 18 people. Tour operates from 1 July to 31 December 2012.




Tour Duratoin

Flight Time

Pricew per person


The Valley of Geysers ZhupanovaRiver (all year round)

Flight to the Valley of Geyzers with flying around Karymsky volcano on the way. 90 minutes foot trip in the Valley of Geysers. Flight to Zhupanova River, Dzendzur camping site.

Lunch, bathing in the thermal spring. Return into Elizovo town.

5-6 hours

2 hours 10 minutes

41 000 rubles


The Valley of Geysers UzonVolcano Zhupanova River (July-September).

With flying around Karymsky, Maly Semyachik volcanoes; 2 hour foot trip in the Valley of Geysers, flight to caldera of Uzon volcano; 1 hour foot trip on Eastern thermal field; flight to Zhupanova River; lunch in a tourist shelter; bathing in thermal spring; return into Elizovo town.

6-7 hours

2 hours20 minutes

41 000 rubles

Kuril Lake Ksudach Volcano Khodutkinskie Hot Springs (July-September).

Flight to the lake; landing on Travianoi Cape/head of Ozernaya River; foot trip, observing salmon run and fishing bears; flight to Ksudach volcano; landing by Klyuchevoe Lake; foot trip; flight to Khodutkinskie Hot Springs; bathing in a hot river; lunch; return into Elizovo town.

6-7 hours

2 hours 20 minutes

36 000 rubles
Nalychevo Nature Park (all year round)
Flight to Nalychevo Nature Park; foot trip; visiting Kotyol (Kettle) thermal group, Ivanov’s gryphon; bathing in springs; lunch; flight into Elizovo town.
3-4 hours1 hours17 000 rubles
Khodutkinskie Hot Springs (April-September).
Flight to the springs; bathing in Goryachaya (Hot) River; lunch; flight into Elizovo town.

3-4 hours

1 hours 20 minutes

20 500 rubles

Tour cost includes:

  • Helicopter flight time
  • Trip service
  • Meals
  • Insurance for accident during the whole tour


  • Due to weather conditions some changes of route, time and date are possible.

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