Trip to Pimchakh Itelmen Village

Trip to Pimchakh Itelmen Village

Trip to Pimchakh Itelmen Village

Tour description: Pimchakh Itelmen village (means Little Fire in the Itelmen language) is located in a forest. Total area of the village is 1.7 hectare. The village consists of indigenous people's constructions. The dwellings are built in image and likeness of Itelmen people's own mode of life that existed 500 years ago. There is an open air museum on the territory of the village. You can see a booth or barabor – an ancient Itelmen dwelling, a construction for drying fish yukolnik, and also fire site and a wooden idol a typical host of any Itelmen village. Amazing dishes of aborigine cuisine such as Ukha (fish soup), pies and local herbal teas will be offered to the guests. Walking on coals at nighttime is a special spiritual purification program. In addition there will be lots of dancing and singing by native groups.

Duration: 3-5 hours

Price:3 500rubles per person.

Tour cost includes:

4-5 hours:Evening arrival and overnight.

(3850 rubles per person)

· Meals (fish soup, telnoe (fish course cooked by a special recipe), pies)+ walking on coals.

Guide+ ascend of Ostraya Mountainin the morning, then lunch back in the village and departure.

Artists (6-7 people for a big group) + overnight in barabors (in your own sleeping bags).

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