Kainyran Koriak ethnic Camp

Kainyran Koriak ethnic Camp

Tour to Kainyran ethnic Camp.


Tour description: Kainyran Ethnic Reindeer Breeding Camp will get the guests into the wonderful culture, history and way of life of nomad Koriaks. Mengo native dancing group will perform dances and songs. Each can try some native courses and see an exhibition of souvenirs made by world famous masters. The local shaman will tell some stories about life of the ancient people. Bathing in Zelenovskie Lakes (well-appointed baths at hydrogen sulfide hot springs) will help you relax and make your body healthier. The guests will have opportunity to get acquainted with a marvelous animal – a horse.

3.5 hours


Price: 3,500 rubles per person.

Tour cost includes:

  • Concert
  • Feeding bears
  • Tea with flat cakes
  • Lunch (fish soup)


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