Sea trip on Putnik pleasure boat

Sea trip on Putnik pleasure boat


Trip description:

During this cruise you will see Kamchatka’s landmark the Tri Brata (Three Brothers) Rocks, which protect entrance into the bay, Babushkin Kamen island that is fabled to fulfill wishes. You will get into Tikhaya Bay, watch colonies of birds on Starichkov Island and also you will have an opportunity to fish and enjoy the tastiest soup from fish you caught!

Description of Putnik pleasure boat:

    • Capacity up to 10 people

    • 3 cabins: 1 four-berth cabin in the bow and 2 two-berth cabins in the stern.

    • 1 bathroom, 2 showers, 2 toilets.

    • 2 decks

    • Galley

    • Passengers' lounge

      Putnik Boat rent rates:
        1 hours – 10 000 rubles  

      Cost includes:

        • Staff services

        • Meals (starting from 5-hour trips)

        • Insurance

        • Fishing tackle

        • Fishing license

          Cost does not include:

            • Alcohol

            • Additional events

            • Diver’s services

              Each participant of the trip should have:

                • Waterproof outerwear

                • Toilet articles

                • Mosquito repellent

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