"The Little Lakes" ATV tour

"The Little Lakes" ATV tour

"The Little Lakes" ATV tour



It is an interesting and eventful route for those ones who want to relax from urban fuss and dip into calmness of Kamchatkan forest. The trail goes on spectacular forest roads and paths, by Teploe (Warm) Lake, partially in the riverbed of Sukhaya (Dry) River, and through Gorely (Burnt) Forest.

 “Zelenovskie Ozerki" (Zelenovskie Little Lakes). There are some bathing huts, later called Zelenovskie Ozerki, not far from Pinachevo hydrogen sulfide deposit. A preventive clinic was built here in the open.  There are several hydrogen sulfide baths in the preventive clinic and next to them there is a little lake with cold water where one can swim after taking baths.

Zelenovskie Ozerki are located in 20 km from Elizovo town. The waters of the springs are combination of radon and hydrogen sulfide waters.

Those waters are good for a body, they improve metabolism and fix immune system. Taking hydrogen sulfide makes heart work easier, helps healing little injuries of the skin, removing of protein decay products from the body. They produce anti-inflammatory, resolving, pain-relieving, desensitizing effects. Hydrogen sulfide mineral baths are taken for healing inflammatory diseases of locomotive system, peripheral and central nervous system, female disorders, skin diseases, etc.

The cost of the tour DOES NOT INCLUDE bathing in the springs.

Duration: 7-8 hours.

Difficulty: Medium.

Price: Small machine (150cc) – 5,000 rubles.

           Big machine (500cc) – 7,000/4,500 rubles.

Tour price includes:

  • ATV rental plus insurance
  • Guide-instructor's services
  • Outfit (helmet plus raincoat)
  • Meals

It is recommended to take with you:

  • Comfortable windproof outfit
  • Photo and video cameras
  • Mosquito repellents
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Clothes and shoes to change

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