The Excursion to Avacha Volcano (the central part/shelters)

The Excursion to Avacha Volcano (the central part/shelters)

Snowmobile excursions (riding by yourself)

Whirl away from daily routine on a snowmobile and find oneself among mighty volcanoes is a dream of all snowmobilers, those who like their vacation active! Excellent snowmobiles, fascinating route and striking beauty of the nature are waiting for you. Grand pictures will be a pleasure to you and your family and friends!

Avachinsky volcano is 2,751 meters high! We ride up to 2,000 meters on snowmobiles. Avachinsky volcano is one of the most active ones. It will take your breath away!

Optionally, there is possibility to rent mountain skis or take a steam bath in banya (Russian bathhouse) and sponge with snow.  Just a few people can tell others how they took a steam bath at the bottom of a grand volcano.

Excursion season: December-May
Duration: 6-7 hours
Riding time: 4-5 hours
Route difficulty level: средний
Number of snowmobiles: from 1 (1 snowmobile for 1-2 people, total weight no more than 160 kg)
Group assembly place: Lesnaya ski depot area
Excursion Start Time: daily from 12:30
Route line: start Lesnaya ski depot area – snowmobiling along the trail to Avacha volcano through a forest belt, Sukhaya Rechka (dry river) – return to the depot

Excursion description




Collection of a group on the start place (Lesnaya ski depot area, defined additionally). Safety and riding briefing


Start to the route. On the route, hot tea/coffee light lunch, taking pictures. Mountain ski equipment rental is available


Return to the start place.

Cost includes:

  • Snowmobile rental for 1-2 people;
  • Instructor’s services (1 person for 4 snowmobiles);
  • Insurance for a number of people on a snowmobile;
  • Tea/coffee, sweets and sandwiches on the route.

Necessary outfitting:

  • Winter, warm footwear;
  • Winter waterproof trousers, jacket;
  • Mittens (gloves), hat, scarf to cover face;
  • Protective means for face (cream, chapstick);
  • Sunglasses.
Excursion cost

1 snowmobile/1 tourist

1 snowmobile/2 tourist

9,800 rubles

11,800 rubles.

The cost has been calculated for 1 person taking to account presence of the mentioned amount of tourists in a group.

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