The Excursion to Vilyuchinsky Waterfall

The Excursion to Vilyuchinsky Waterfall

Snowmobile excursions (riding by yourself)

Vilyuchinsky waterfall is one of Kamchatka’s most known and popular waterfalls!

One can contemplate the frozen waterfall in winter and seething flow of purest water in spring that is heard even far on the road. The huge mighty flow of melt water from the glacier impetuously falls down the rock into a canyon! It’s is good for your grand pictures in front of wilderness of the nature and breathtaking impressions.

This spring of crystal purity attracts with its coolness in spring heat of baking sun!

It is easy to get to the waterfall – just 2 hour driving from the turn of Termalny town along the road to Mutnovsky volcano through the forest.

Excursion season: December-May
Duration: 8-9 hours
Riding time: 6 hours
Route difficulty level: medium
Number of snowmobiles: from 1 (1 snowmobile for 1-2 people, total weight no more than 160 kg)
Group assembly place: Termalny town, Geology bus stop.
Excursion Starting Time: 10:00 am (advance reservation of the excursion)
Route line:

Excursion description



Collection of the group on the start place. Safety and riding briefing


Start to the route. On the route hot tea/coffee light lunch, taking pictures. Sightseeing tour to Vilyuchinsky waterfall - observation of a frozen waterfall flow


Return to the start place

Cost includes:
  • Snowmobile rental for 1-2 people;
  • Instructor’s services (1 person for 4 snowmobiles);
  • Insurance for a number of people on a snowmobile;
  • Tea/coffee, sweets and sandwiches on the route.
  • Transfer for order – 1 snowmobile;
Necessary outfitting:
  • Winter, warm footwear;
  • Winter waterproof trousers, jacket;
  • Mittens (gloves), hat, scarf to cover face;
  • Protective means for face (cream, chapstick);
  • Sunglasses.
Excursion cost

1 snowmobile/ 1 tourist

1 snowmobiles/ 2 tourists

Group 3 and more snowmobiles

19 550 rubles

20 550 rubles



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